The Couple's Guide to Buying Art

November 24, 2018

Should one compromise when purchasing art? That is the Question....


The answer is absolutely not, one must always fall in love with a masterpiece. That is almost my final answer...

I have always known myself well enough to know how vulnerable I am to being moved by special artworks: it is almost an instantaneous haunting- “love at first sight” one might say. However, with maturity I also know my tastes have evolved and grown over the many years and I have adopted new taste buds for new flavours, colours and of course subject matters- or even the lack their of. I am one that embraces abstractions, texture, movement and ultimately mood. Unfortunately, I now have a dilemma, I promised my partner I would take his tastes into consideration for our next major art purchase. Sigh...


It has been a while since I purchased anything I didn’t have to hide in the closet and pretend I had pre- "us", so I find myself in the limbo of waiting for us to agree.

While feeling compelled to compromise and feeling I had not indulged in a time frame of forever and a day, quite to my surprise I began to look at art through a different set of eyes. I began a quest much different than pleasing myself and the guilty pleasure of knowing exactly what I love the moment I lay eyes on my masterpiece, my “precious”.


As a couple attempting to find a perfect mantle piece, we embarked on a difficult journey towards a middle ground. I find it at times a sad desperate first world problem, the problem of awaiting two ideas to marry. Our desired styles, subject matter, colour palette and of course moody pleasures are at odds and yet I am compelled to find the “one” true place where we accept each others' tastes. What is important to observe in doing so together is that one can experience growth and perhaps strive towards appreciating a broader spectrum of the arts, while waiting to be moved in a unfamiliar territory . There will undoubtedly be a great deal of frustration and perhaps even amusement cleverly making its way into a couple's lives that turn into arguments. The advice I can give to the persons attempting compromise is break it down the word itself: “co” meaning together and “ promise” meaning to devote yourself to the pursuit. Do not be afraid to embrace and respect the desires of your partner, and in turn remember that the sub word “relate” is the foundation of the term relationship. A good friend reminded me of this and that it should not be to commiserate.


So how does a couple begin the process? You simply decide to do so and explore as many art galleries as possible happily and willingly until you are madly in love with the art together. Your selection should move you, bring you back to view time and time again in admiration and remind you of the co-promise you have dedicated yourselves to.




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The Couple's Guide to Buying Art

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