October Features

October 9, 2018

Fall has officially settled in here at The Village Gallery, and with it come a number of new features, including several artists who are new to the gallery! This October we will be showing new works from Carole Goodwin, Heather Hughson, Jill Paris Rody, and Tahirih Goffic. 



Carole Goodwin, Heather Hughson, and Jill Paris Rody are joining us this month from Campbell River for their first showing at The Village Gallery and each are bringing their unique style to the gallery.


Carole Goodwin has brought us 8 works for her show, one of which is a contemporary take on the traditional west coast landscape. This piece, entitled "Almost Black and White", uses mixed media and gold leaf to make the trees jump out from the background the layers of gold leaf and paint make the trees jump out from the black background. 


While Heather Hughson's works also focus on natural scenes, she often likes to portray the scenes with a bit of abstraction. Bringing us 6 works for her show, one of our favourites is "The Rhythm of Life". At 24"x30", this acrylic piece sways more into realism, allowing the viewers to gaze into this underwater world. Heather moves into more of an abstract scene with her piece "Kokanee Kaleidoscope". While the colours might seem chaotic on first glance, the use of movement and colour come together to create a piece that is calmly evocative and still true to the natural world it is depicting.


Jill Paris Rody is showing 10 pieces this month ranging in size from smaller 8"x8"' to 20"x24" works. Jill aims to translate her deep love of nature and passion for life through her paintings. "Storms Never Last" is one of these paintings. It presents a powerful, yet soft and moody piece that makes use of light, colour, and movement to achieve this.  "Tool Shed Decorations", one of the smaller works in Jill's show, is beautifully nostalgic. The attention to detail for this charming 8"x8" painting truly makes it a labour of love. Jill avoids over complicating the scene, transporting viewers to a more simplistic time or place. 


Tarhirih Goffic is also new to the gallery, joining us from the Bella Coola Valley. Tahirih's style is widely varied, producing beautifully executed portraiture and wildlife scenes, to vibrant and lively scenes from British Columbia's interior. Two pieces that really capture that vibrant colour and atmosphere are "Raven Steals the Light" and "Salmon Run." 


In addition to these fantastic works coming in, the gallery had the privilege of hosting Walter Collins on September 29th for a meet and greet. Walter joined us from 10 am- 3pm to chat, answer questions, and discuss his work as a painter and sculptor. We want to thank Walter and everyone who came out for a great event!  


Lastly, we hope you will join us for Sidney's Fourth Annual Treat Street this Halloween! This October 31st, the Village Gallery will be handing out candy from 4:30 - 6pm. Stop by, check out our costumes, and be sure to pick up some tasty treats! 







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