Noted for his unique interpretive style and bold use of colour, Barry’s paintings of coastal scenery reflect his passion for life and the sea.

Using a fine long haired brush called a rigger and acrylic paint Barry often defines and outlines unique abstract shapes and color hues in his work to create very interesting and special effects.

His work has been collected in over 120 countries around the world and in every state of the USA. Barry was born in Victoria BC Canada and has lived near the ocean throughout his life. He currently works from his home-studio on Piers Island near Victoria, and in Mexico.

Graham Herbert is a highly accomplished and sought after artist, with a history of three decades of exhibiting in numerous major venues including The Victoria Public Art Gallery. His paintings are in private and corporate collections across the world.

Graham Herbert grew up in Calgary surrounded by drawing, painting and boat building. Later he moved west and studied at Emily Carr and Victoria College of Art. He was a longtime Deep Cove resident that has now settled on Hornby Island where he continues to pursue his passions in the arts, as well as sailing. Hence his dory boat series evolved - colorful happy images from his imaginary world with funky buildings and classic boats floating on reflecting waters.

Cameron Thurbide is an award winning artist who resides in Victoria, British Columbia, where he also works as a school teacher.

Cameron is an avid outdoors person, which is reflected in his artwork. Acrylic paintings depicting the Canadian landscape are Cameron's specialty. His tranquil paintings of Vancouver Island are becoming very popular around the world.


Known for his realistic style, Keith's work skillfully captures a moment and place in time. Though originally experimenting with abstraction, Keith has become well known for his realistic acrylic paintings of both rural and coastal scenes, as well as his intimate interior views. 

Born in Victoria BC, Keith's works often draw inspiration from the Pacific Northwest and the incredible landscapes it offers. 

Inga Birds are a creation from the imagination of Inga Michel. She has lived in Sidney, BC for almost three decades, where she continues to live and paint. Inga has lovingly created over 3000 of these charming birds! Her fun and colourful birds have flown all around the globe. A little birdy tells us that one of them has even found a home in the Galapagos Islands!

Linda Heslop began drawing at a very early age, tutored by her father who was an artist and architect and encouraged her throughout her youth. In her early teens she expanded her drawing and took up painting seriously, with both watercolour and oils. By her mid twenties, her realistic style led to work in illustration, logos, magazine covers, feature articles, and several books at an international level. 

Linda has been a resident of Victoria, British Columbia since 1957. She moved here from Scotland at the age of eight and currently lives with her husband of forty-six years. Inspired by the natural scenery of Vancouver Island, Linda Heslop paints with detailed realism. She now paints mainly in watercolours adding highlights of water pencils to add depth to her starfish and tidal pools. 

Kathy was born in Kimberly B.C. and has lived in a variety of places before finally settling in Victoria. She spent much of her childhood exploring the pristine forests, marshes and lakes near Prince George and the interior of B.C. Kathy has many fond memories spending weekends and summers with her family camping in remote wilderness. Her most cherished memories were the times spent with her naturalist father at the “slough”, armed with binoculars, camera and a rubber dingy. It was here that her dad instilled a deep love and appreciation of birds and nature. Kathy later attended Camosun College and the University of Victoria and has worked as an Educational Assistant for the past 20 years until taking an early retirement.

Kathy lives in Victoria BC where she works as a full-time artist painting, teaching, learning and participating in as many art shows and events that time permits. She is a Signature Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (AFCA), the President of the Island Illustrators Society and an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists (CSA). 

Nathan is one of those people who doesn't realize there's anything he can't do. When he sees something he's interested in, he reads widely, thinks deeply and seeks to master it. Born and raised in Victoria, BC, in a military family, he learned that whatever he does, he must do well and according to schedule. In high school, he had a keen interest in mechanics, which he added further experience to upon graduating and moving up to the Yukon Territories where he worked as an aircraft engineer.

Nathan's most well-know pieces are of Terry Fox (Mile 0) in Victoria, BC, 'The Homecoming', which is a sculpture commemorating the 100th Anniversary for the Canadian Navy and displayed downtown Victoria, and the bench people in Sidney, BC.

Most of Nathan's sculptures reflect his love for people, young and old, interacting with their particular situations and surroundings. Through his sculptures, Nathan hopes to take you back to a simpler life of days gone by with loved ones, family and friends.

Amanda was born in England, emigrated to Canada in 1968 and lives and paints in Richmond, British Columbia. Primarily self-taught, Amanda has studied with several well respected Canadian artists. She is a senior member of the Federation of Canadian Artists with SFCA signature status. Amanda is best known for her West Coast landscapes and her distinctive impressionistic style. " Forever changing yet always a constant in our lives, I am both humbled and energized by the landscape." 

Ed's love of nature and his surroundings is apparent in all his work- from his Cherry Bark or Barnacle series, Sea Stars, Rockfish, or large scale Salmon installations. They are a testament to his fondness of and the permanence of clay matched with the ephemeral nature of raku and the delicate environments from which they are inspired.

Ed was born in Orillia, Ontario, and moved to the west coast while he was still young. He graduated from the University of Victoria's Visual Arts program and currently resides in Powell River. After 28 years of teaching visual arts and pottery at the high school level, he now channels his artistic energy into creating uniquely west coast art. 

Walter was born in Ontario, but spent much of his early years travelling Europe with his family. His exposure to European culture prompted his artistic hunger and he began sketching at the age of five.


Walter found himself drawn closer and closer to the west coast and his career began to flourish during Expo ’86.


He now resides on the Saanich Peninsula on Vancouver Island. His contemporary airbrush portraits and stunningly detailed pencils of wildlife and west coast scenery are scattered throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe. Walter’s talents also extend to sculpting and creating works with alabaster, Brazilian soapstone, and chlorite.

Elissa was born in Ontario and grew up in North Vancouver. She studied to be a graphic artist and received her diploma as a Graphic Arts Technician from George Brown College in Toronto. 

She moved to Europe in the early 90’s and spent 7 years travelling the continent and visited major galleries, redefining her artistic outlook and garnering as much information about painting and art as possible. During this time she studied Fine Art at the “Midlands Arts Centre” in Birmingham, England.

In 1997 Elissa moved to Vancouver Island and the move proved inspirational. Since then she has flourished and grown as an oil painter primarily in landscapes, but segues into large format floral, mixed media, abstractions, and funky fun stuff from time to time. Her style usually includes acrylic and oil in the same paintings. While she is not painting or potting, she teaches oil and acrylic painting. Her style swings from Realism thru expressionism, abstraction, mixed media and back. Either way you can always spot her unique style. Her interpretations of Vancouver Island capture her love of her adopted home

Jill has lived her entire life in the Pacific Northwest, and finds "home" to be anywhere there is land and water to explore. Forests, beaches, and farmlands are all her favourite kind of comfort. 

She did most of her formal art studies while still in high school, attending a progressive school district in the suburban  town of Lake Oswego, Oregon. In 1971, Jill moved to Canada, and has since resided in the Campbell River area of Vancouver Island. 

With a deep love of nature, Jill best describes her emotional connection to life through painting; primarily in acrylic, but also watercolour, pastel, and coloured pencil Light and shadow, colour and form - all have a role to play in each painting by showing the passion Jill has for life. 

Carole was born on Vancouver Island and has lived there her whole life. Although she has always loved art, it wasn’t until 1986 that she enrolled in classes at North Island College, taking courses with Chris Wooten in watercolour. For about two years she attended John Millhill’s weekly studio classes and he was instrumental in instilling the understanding of the art process – “know the rules before you break then.” This she heartily remembers, and studies to know where the “theories” can take her, so that she can develop her own rules! 

Heather Hughson is a contemporary artist whose passion for the scenery around her is vividly seen in her paintings and photographs. Travelling around Vancouver Island gave her the opportunity to capture scenes on camera to later work on in her studio. Lately she has been enjoying painting en plein air. Although most of her paintings are of views that can be found in nature, they often lean towards the abstract.

Cindy grew up on Vancouver Island, amongst a playground of forests and beaches. Her adventurous, independent, and determined nature as a child evolved into the driving force behind her creativity today. Over the years Cindy has self directed her art education by tirelessly experimenting with different styles and mediums although acrylics have held her steadfast since 1995. These she learned by observation, books, videos, and workshops held by established professional painters. She has filtered and transformed the results of this journey into her own unique style. Cindy's paintings mostly depict the Vancouver Island area that she calls home but also includes still life and depictions of childhood moments into her prolific portfolio. 

Cindy’s work exhibits her work in various galleries on Vancouver Island where she resides, is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and a signature member of the Society of Canadian Artists.  Her work has sold nationally and internationally.  She paints from her studio in the small mid Island community of Bowser. 

Kylee is a Canadian artist, born and raised in Ontario and currently living in Port Alberni, British Columbia. Growing up with the constant exposure to her artist father, she picked up an appreciation and excitement for creating art. She completed the Fine Art program at Toronto's Centennial College in 2009. Since then, she has continued to develop her skills as a fine artist working primarily in acrylic and oil paint.

Kylee’s work has primarily been focused on nature, stylistically ranging from realistic landscapes to more abstract paintings. She works with colour and form, often playing with opposites like curves and straight edges, or light and dark tones to create contrast within her work. Painting abstracted art allows her to escape from reality, creating something completely original from a place only in her mind. While she enjoys the freedom of expression involved in this process, it also brings her great joy to recreate the beauty that surrounds her using representational intricacy within her landscape paintings. 

Kylee is driven by the desire to see what she will create next as her work is continually changing and evolving.

While growing up in Belize, Dorrien Thompson (known in the art world as Lailo)  learned to appreciate the  culture, customs and foods of the local ethnic groups and the diversity of the nature.  At the age of 15, he made his way up to Canada to complete his education.  He now resides on Vancouver Island with his wife and grown family.  He lives on a hobby farm situated in Saanichton, raising chickens, goats and an organic garden. Over the years he has travelled, lived and worked in different areas of the world, to list a few, North and Central America, Europe and Australia.  All of which have had a large influence on his creative side.

Lailo is a self taught artist, and since retiring from the work force, he now maintains a working studio specializing in abstract art. His preferred medium is liquid oil although from time to time he dabbles in other mediums to satisfy his natural curiosity.  His affinity with nature with all it’s colours and forms have influenced his particular originality.

Christine Reimer is a contemporary Canadian Painter, born in 1954 in Duncan, British Columbia. Her original acrylic paintings  are held in corporate and private collections across Canada, in the USA., U.K, France and Germany. Best known for her vibrant landscapes, she is now exclusively painting Lyrical Abstract Expressionist works.

As a visual artist Christine believes a successful painting should engage the viewer on many levels. Visually of course, but also in a tactile sense which evokes a memory, something familiar or a range of emotions. The viewer is challenged to react viscerally not just intellectually.  She would describe her work as Lyrical Abstract Expressionist as she seeks to express a variety of concepts which are difficult to put into words. Christine would like the viewer to bring a personal interpretation to the work and decide what it means to them.

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I love photography. I adore the artistic and technical challenges that must be met each time one creates an image. To capture the vital presence of one’s subject with care and purpose is incredibly fulfilling.  

Having started out with sports photography many years ago, I explored the fast action and anticipation of the sport world before moving on to discover nature, wildlife and

other genres of photography. I love looking for new challenges. Contributing to my local photo club is a way to share my appetite for photography


Maureen paints in a contemporary-impressionist style, most often using acrylic paints. Like the Impressionists, her work often portals visible brushstrokes, a suggestion of movement, and the idea of taking an ordinary view and creating something extraordinary from it. Vibrant colour is especially important to Maureen, but she is careful to balance it with soft edges and quiet spaces. She believes nature provides us with inspiration and the perfect palette, but it is the artist's attention to light that can make the colours dance on the canvas.  

Maureen was raised in Calgary and attended the University of Victoria where she received her Bachelor of Arts. She is married with two children, and after many summers visiting Quadra Island, she and her husband became permanent residents in 2012.

Colour. Drama. Nature. And more colour. 

These are the things that not only influence and inspire Linda Skalenda, but also drive her with such  passion that a fresh canvas is the beginning of a new relationship. Linda is primarily a landscape painter, except for the times when an interesting cow, seal, or heron captures her attention; however, her landscapes are anything but typical. Gentle, rolling hills in pastel colours are not for her. Linda captures the startling rays of light that penetrate the dense coastal rain forest; she deftly interprets the dancing red and pink waves of poppies in an overgrown field. Her eyes see colour and gradations of shadows- they create paintings in her mind's eye that beg to be splashed across a blank canvas. 

Her mediums are acrylics and oils: both for their bold colours, and oils especially because they leave the imprint of the brushstroke - a reminder of the labour of the artist. In Linda's case, a labour of love. 

Brian retired from the University of Guelph (veterinary medicine and agriculture) in 2001 and relocated from Ontario, with his wife Cathy, to Comox B.C., on Vancouver Island. He began painting seriously in 2004  studying with acclaimed artists in Canada and the US. In 2007, he invested in full time study at the Jeffrey Watts Atelier in Encinitas California, drawing and painting from life. He continues to study with exceptional artists today.


Brian paints full time - in acrylic and oil. Brian's paintings are reflective of his love of the outdoors, travel, agriculture and rural communities. The more he paints the more his work moves towards abstracted impressions of his subjects.

Ken Foster has lived and worked on the Saanich Peninsula for almost 30 years. He is passionate about finding and capturing interesting images from the peninsula and the rest of the Island as his primary artistic focus. He takes his camera off the Island as well. His artistic style is based on creating a finished product which causes some hesitation in the viewer as to whether the image is a photograph or a painting. Most of his images are of natural subjects local to Southern Vancouver Island – sea and landscapes, florals and wildlife.

Doroni is a self-taught glass artist living on Vancouver Island. Coming from an urban environment in Montreal, she became totally captivated by the rich, lush island landscape of the west coast. Translating the vibrancy of the natural world into glass art has become a passion for her with inspiration coming from the movements and energy reflected in the forests, ocean waves, and foliage around us. 

"Glass is a perfect medium for this - it is translucent, opalescent, flowing and nature itself. A glimpse of a plant, tree, or water moving in the breeze and caught in the sunlight, creates a vision that stays with me and I begin to imagine how I can capture that moment in glass."

Doroni has worked in several mediums over the years including acrylics, watercolour, ink, and sculpture. Many of her sculptures, paintings, and glass are in private collections. 

Gordon was born in Vancouver, B.C and raised in Surrey. As a child, he was always drawing and as a teenager began designing posters. Inspired by album cover art of the 1960's, he attended the Kootenay School of Art to study graphic design. Gordon also studied applied design at Douglas College, printmaking at the Alberta College of Art, and learned to print textiles in the N.W.T. After returning to the Kootenays, Gordon co-founded a design and screen printing shop and his line drawings began to be published in literary magazines. In 1982 he relocated to the west coast and continued to work in graphic design and exhibit his works. In 1990, Gordon was offered an opportunity to create a series of illustrations pertaining to the natural and human history of Beacon Hill Park. This project had a profound influence on his career as an illustrator. Currently his work continues to focus on line drawing, which for Gordon is a basic human language.  

Richard often aims to show the beauty and power of animals through his work. Just as we find artifacts depicting animals from civilizations long gone, Richard is, in a sense, creating modern artifacts which reiterate our connection to the natural world. 

During his career as a stonemason, Richard always kept a spark of creativity alive through drawing, printmaking and woodcarving.


Influenced by nature and design, Sandra is known for her calm landscapes, wildlife, and portraiture. Working with oil on canvas, the brushstrokes vary from almost no brushstrokes using a technique of pounding the paint into the canvas to thick application of the medium by palette knife. The use of colour varies from rich nature tones to vibrant enhanced colours. The titles for Sandra's paintings are insightful or humorous. It is her keen desire to share that keeps her at the easel, painting in the universal visual language of realism.

Drawing and painting since a child growing up in Northern Alberta, Sandra went to the University of Alberta where she obtained her Bachelor of Education with a Major in Art. In 1999 Sandra moved to Nanaimo where she currently resides. Sandra Johnman is a member of the Nanaimo Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Han Li was formally trained at the Imperial Academy of Arts of Russia and uses his acquired skills to construct colours and compositions in beautiful simplicity. Li's style presents picturesque scenes while at the same time idealizing the landscape to explore the tranquility of the mind. 

Li chooses to focus on the transcendental qualities of painting by retuning to the techniques of traditional oil painting. His paintings are nostalgically static and he depicts a landscape in its idealized purity. The textured surface and impasto painting style brings back the tradition of painting from the pre-modernist era. What makes his works unique is his keen eye to only present the most essential colours and shapes of a landscape. Through his work, Li hopes to give the landscape a timeless and utopian quality. 

Perry Haddock was born in Berkeley, California, and raised in Vancouver, BC. After a long career as a high-school teacher and counsellor, Perry retired in 2003. Unrestricted by school bells and adolescents, his inner creative self suddenly exploded with a colour and a passion for stretched canvas. Since that time, Perry has become a popular and respected landscape artist, best known for his colourful, impressionistic renditions of Western Canadian scenes. 

Perry paints from his home in Surrey, BC, where he lives with his wife, Rene. Their two daughters and four grandchildren live in Europe, a serendipitous coincidence which prompts a need for frequent visits. 

Lessons learned from years of study, experience, and an interest in painting have instilled in Rob Owen a confidence that always brings originality, colour vitality, and the qualities of sound painterly technique to his paintings. His artistic talents have developed through a strong interest in painting and the act of painting hundreds of paintings both good and not so good. Bold, sometimes funky, and always energetic his work speaks of risk, balance, and a strong commitment to originality and the creative process. 

Lloyd Major has been painting for many years. He began as a sign painter but soon found his love for oil. Over the years he has shared his knowledge with countless students while continuing to paint and sell his work.

Judy Maxwell has a long background in the creative arts but now paints solely in oil. Judy enjoys painting the endless but always changing Canadian landscapes with her husband Lloyd.  

Jim was born and raised in Penticton, B.C. and now lives in Victoria. His art education consisted of courses from the Victoria College of Art, and from other artists. He is a signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists. His paintings are in private and corporate collections in Canada, Europe, and the USA. Jim paints his larger works in the studio but very much enjoys painting on site, en plein air, where he can capture the ever changing but real colours and light of the world around him. 

Dan Telosky grew up along the shores of Discovery Passage on Vancouver  Island with a clear view of British Columbia's marine environment. His interest in, and affinity for, B.C.'s working boats has grown over the years, and what began as artistic dabbling has advanced to his all consuming passion. 

Starting from Campbell River, his home port, Dan spends countless hours on the water in his own slow moving trawler "Ocean Symphony". It is impossible not to be inspired while being immersed in a marine environment like this. It takes many hours for Dan to painstakingly produce a painting that completes his vision without compromise. Dan creates his acrylic paintings by combining the understanding that comes from years of being on the water with his keen eye. 


He is a member of the Canadian Federation of Artists and the International Society of Marine Painters. His pictures are as far away as Germany and Texas, but the bulk of his work is near where he paints, on Vancouver Island. 

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